New Camera!


As I promised, I purchased a camera so you can see all the visuals from my journey. These are test pictures I took at Susquehanna State Park, enjoy.







Change of plans…. already

Well my farm in Florida bailed on me, which I’m not too concerned about considering I was starting to get weird vibes from them. In the meantime I found a new host farm in a completely opposite direction, upstate New York. I will be living near Adirondack Park, which looks like a beautiful place. My arrival date is going to be on June 11th or 12th, I plan on buying a really nice digital camera before my journey begins so I can take plenty of pictures for all of you! I’ve been looking the area up it looks beautiful and the owner assures me there is endless hiking and swimming, exactly what I’m looking for. I may update once or twice before my trip with any more small details but most likely my next post will be after we make it to the farm. I want to record my first impressions of the experience.

Here are some beautiful summer pictures I found while researching the area.

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Planning, Planning, Planning….

I am currently one month out from visiting a farm in Florida that I’m pretty stoked about. We will be raising pigs and beginning to build a food forest, I’m sure there will be much more but these two things stuck out to me the most. Until then, I am saving as much money as possible and getting my supplies together which wont be much. I just want good working clothes, gloves, a hat, and sunglasses, that should be all I need in the hot Florida sun. Currently I have agreed to a 4 month stay, if I don’t stay longer I would like to WWOOF back to my home State of Maryland. I’m really excited to have this experience and all my progress will be updated here in the months to come, fellow travelers please stay tuned…